Interview with Emma Leavey – writer, poet, teacher

October 30, 2011


Emma Leavey

Emma finished writing her first novel this year, called “The Lonely Half”. Originally from London, Emma is now based in Tel Aviv. Hear about her book, how she got to be in Tel Aviv, and what may be next… Find out more Here is a synopsis of Emma’s first novel, which she is looking to […]

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Interview with Natalia – mother, educator, traveller

October 30, 2011



Originally from Cordoba, Argentina, Natalia (Natt) has lived in Israel for 3 years now. Natalia shares her journey to Israel, and how being a mother has changed her life. Find out more Natt is from Cordoba in Argentina, the second largest city in Argentina. Argentina has the largest Jewish community in Latin America Cordoba has […]

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Tips for making an interview look and sound good

October 20, 2011


Filming at the Dead Sea

My first interview was with Amit, which was particularly handy because he has a degree in film making and therefore had some great tips for me to create a good looking interview. The equipment I used to film the interview is top of the range – Canon 5D digital SLR with a f/2.8 24-70mm lens. […]

Interview with Amit Turkenitz

October 16, 2011


Amit Turkenitz

Amit has spent his adult life avoiding being what earns him his living- a computer programmer. This has led him on a creative journey as a photographer, computer programer, writer and film maker. Now he wants to make a living from his creativity, and become and entrepreneur. Find out more Amit started his photography business […]

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Tips for interviewing

October 6, 2011


Jo & Elad talking about interviewing

Today I met with our friend Elad, who is a professional journalist working on Israel’s most popular current affairs program. Each show Elad organises for the hosts to interview up to 10 people – now that’s a lot of interviewing experience! Elad gave me tonnes of tips and food for thought about the mini-interviews I […]

Interviewing everyday people

October 2, 2011


I stumbled upon a project called StoryCorps the other day, and was happy to discover a bunch of tiny podcasts of interviews. I thought I was in really long interviews (which are less interesting and effective in my opinion), but these ones have been neatly edited into little portions – stories of people’s lives. StoryCorps […]

Portugal for business

January 8, 2011


The pavements in Lisbon are all cobbled I just went to Lisbon for work. I left home at midday on Tuesday, and got home at midnight on Friday. That’s 74 hours away from home. It includes 14 hours on aeroplanes, 10 hours in 4 airports (Tel Aviv, Rome, Lisbon, Paris), 18 hours in meeting rooms, […]

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